Vacancies – Technical adviser: education data

Charlie Goldsmith Associates Ltd is seeking to recruit a “technical adviser: education data”, based in Mogadishu, with travel, as part of our work on the Bar ama Baro programme, funded by USAID, for which we are members of a consortium led by Creative Associates.

About Charlie Goldsmith Associates Ltd

Charlie Goldsmith Associates (CGA) is a UK-registered international development Consultancy working to support the poorest in fragile, conflict-affected, low-income and/or remote places, to get sustainable access to cash, services and control over their own future. The systems we build, and the support we provide, helps information flow, to provide assurance, and enable cash to move accurately, and directly, to the lowest effective level. You can see some of our work at,, and more at:

CGA was recently acquired by Lutheran World Relief and IMA World Health. CGA continues to operate autonomously but draws on additional management and leadership and resources.  This partnership will lead to new opportunities that combine our expertise and networks to help reduce poverty and support human development in tough places

Our team has been working in the education and health sectors in Somalia since 2009, for donors and funders including the World Bank, EU, DFID, USAID and UNICEF, and in a wide range of locations.

About the Bar Ama Baro Program

The USAID/Somalia Bar ama Baro (BAB) Program works to increase access to quality education for a targeted number of out-of-school children and youth (ages 8-15) in specific regions of Somalia. The program will work to increase student enrollment in alternative education program sites, improve their safety, monitor acquisition of literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional skills among the learners who enroll in them, and enhance the Federal Government of Somalia’s capacity to regulate them.

Within the Bab Ama Baro project, Charlie Goldsmith Associates (CGA) is responsible for:

  • The development of Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) within Federal and sub-Federal Ministries of Education, to support the collection, analysis and utilisation of data around enrolment, retention, completion and achievement for Alternative Education Program (AEP) centers;
  • The development of school and AEP profiles; and
  • Coordination with the project’s Monitoring and Evaluation Team, to ensure the necessary reporting data is available.

Person specification

We are seeking to hire a Technical Advisor, Education Data for the USAID-funded Bab Ama Baro (BAB) project. This is a full-time role, based in Mogadishu, with an expectation of frequent travel (around 50%) within Somalia. The aim of the project is to increase access to quality education for a targeted number of out-of-school children and youth aged approximately 8-15 in targeted regions of Somalia. 

The Technical Advisor, Education Data would be based within the BAB team in Mogadishu, but would be expected to undertake frequent travel to the FMS MoEs supported under the project. Key duties of the role include:

  • Supported by CGA’s remote technical team, lead on the roll-out of the EMIS enhancements at federal and sub-federal levels. This will include:
    • Assessment of existing EMIS functionality, and identification of areas for enhancement and improvement;
    • Assessment of existing human resource capacity within EMIS units and equivalents, at federal and sub-federal level;
    • Development of training on new technology for federal and sub-federal Ministry of Education staff;
    • Carrying out ongoing support and capacity building through on-the-job coaching (both in person and remotely) for federal and sub-federal Ministry of Education staff: this will focus on all aspects of the data management cycle, including data collection, data verification, data analysis, and data utilisation.
  • Supported by CGA’s remote technical team, and working closely with Ministry of Education counterparts and the wider BAB team, support the development of school and AEP profiles, ensuring that they are suitable for the needs of the education sector in Somalia.
  • Work closely with BAB’s Monitoring and Evaluation Team, to optimise data flow and data sharing between federal and sub-federal government systems and project systems.

The successful candidate will be a Somali person who has:

  • Skills in, and understanding of the collection, management and use of education quantitative data and data systems, or other social sector data and data systems (eg DHIS2 in the health sector)
  • Strong practical skills in the use of a range of technology tools; experience in working with computer code, including developing/debugging SQL databases or Android apps, would be usefuul
  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent skills and experience
  • The ability to live and work in Somalia, including frequent travel to insecure areas;
  • Strong, precise and concise written and oral communication in Somali and English;
  • Strong numeracy;
  • The ability to work within a diverse team;
  • The ability to meet tight deadlines.
  • Experience in developing and conducting training

If you think you could meet these challenges, and would like to be part of a friendly and empowered team that works hard and fast, please send a CV of four pages or fewer, and a well written two page cover letter, about why you want to do the job you are applying for, and summarising evidence of how you meet the specific requirements to and copied to

The recruitment process will be ongoing until the position is filled, but please definitely do get CV and cover letter in before 20/4/20.

We work only on the basis of performance and potential. We recruit against objective criteria. We comply with applicable UK and host country equalities legislation, including the UK Equality Act 2010. Our staff are majority Global South and Diaspora, and we think that is the right and most effective way to work in international development. All applications will be treated equally. For a full recruitment and equalities statement, please see