Projects by sector: Health

Somalia Health and Nutrition Programme (SHINE)

2018 –2020

Supported by DFID, we are working with a technical team from Nairobi and field teams in Somalia in spearheading the improvement in health workforce management in Somalia. CGA are managing the capacity building process across Somali Health Authorities in the roll out of data collection leading to Public Sector reform for decentralisation of resources, responsibility and accountability to the lowest effective levels. Spearheading the specification of Management Information Systems designed for a low-capacity, low-resource settings.

Biometric and Payroll Census


Under the World Bank funded Public Service Modernisation Project (PSMP), we are supporting the Government of Lesotho to undertake a nationwide Biometric & Payroll Census (BPC), to verify ~50,000 public officers in 27 ministries (all except the Lesotho Defence Force and National Security Service) at national and local levels. The result will be to improve the integrity of human resources and payroll data, through the development of a new BPC database. Our database will interface seamlessly with existing Ministry of Public Service and Ministry of Home Affairs databases, complementing the ongoing national registration exercise by the latter. We are developing secure, bespoke tools for data collection, verification, analysis, reporting and integration.

Health Pooled Fund South Sudan


Five year programme to support health services in 6/10 States of South Sudan, and core national systems. Funded by DFID, working with the Ministry of Health, Government of the Republic of South Sudan, consortium led by Crown Agents. We lead on support on practical public financial management, which has included helping MoH define their PFM benchmarks, support to harmonisation of NGO health service delivery staff salaries, and developing a Human Resource Information System for health.

South Sudan Health Sector Mapping and Facility Survey


In partnership with the Ministry of Health, a mapping of partner activities in the health sector in South Sudan, a mapping of the information systems in use by various actors and a survey of a sample of health facilities covering clinical services, human resources, and public financial management.

DRC contract for the Government Hospital Financing Flow Study


Improve understanding of the current state of hospitals’ funding flows and financial management in DRC, including identification of potential barriers to access government funding and preparation of recommendations and an action plan to overcome these barriers.

Maternal Newborn Child Health Programme (MNCH) 2


W​e conducted a ​thorough assessment of the ways in which HRH information is managed in the six States in which MNCH2 works, comparing the current situation with National and global standards for HRH data management, and to any existing policy or guidance at National or State level. CGA​ carried out review of HRH systems (electronic​ and paper-based) in place at National, State, LGA and facility level, and set out a fully costed workplan for MNCH2 to integrate, upgrade and support HRH.

Health Learning Assessment


We conducted a Health Learning Assessment (HLA) for USAID South Sudan in order to provide a better understanding of the current health needs and gaps, and make recommendations for immediate and future modifications.

Support to Human Resources for Health Donor Working Group for Somalia


A DFID-commissioned review of key Somali donor and partner contributions to health worker incentives and top ups, describing implications of new salary scales (see "Review of pay and grading in the Somali health sector"), and making recommendations to the donor working group for human resources for health.

Support to Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation on Payroll, HR and Attendance 1


In Sierra Leone, under Options UK and funded by DFID, our team supported the Ministry of Health and Sanitation's Human Resources for Health Directorate as well as broader central government, to set up and run an Attendance Monitoring system, and improve HR and Payroll information, to standards needed for DFID and Global Fund support to new higher health staff salaries to be released, and sustain data and reporting quality.