Project: South Sudan Health Sector Mapping and Facility Survey

South Sudan

What we did:

We are working with the Ministry of Health to conduct a comprehensive mapping of partner activities and management information systems in South Sudan, and a health facility survey. The project will support the development of MOH capacity to monitor, manage, and plan services. It will include a redeveloped MOH website providing live information from the national information management systems, a visualistion of facilities visited, their financial and human resource ‘inputs’ and service provision. The survey will use a questionnaire¬† based on the 2011 Health Facility Mapping with additional information regarding HR and PFM. The project will thus allow a comparison with the previous mapping to analyse how services have evolved and establish the tools, methodology and system to facilitate future surveying. The project will help inform donors regarding the implementation of the Health Pooled Fund in South Sudan, and is expected to also be used by other partners and civil servants at each level of government.

Project staff: