Project: Facilitating Budget Transparency

South Sudan
Practical Public Financial Management

What we did:

CGA is currently working on supporting the Ministry of Finance and Planning in their pledge to increased budget transparency. We do this through implementing transparency and accountability measures, the creation of national and state-level citizens budgets, the revival of State Mentoring Teams (SMTs) and State Transfer Monitoring Committee (STMC) and the development of a ‘Budget & Transfers’ website where State Ministries can upload key budget documents. We have also engaged on a broader level through budget transparency sessions for stakeholders and the wider public, through radio shows, an academic forum and panel discussion, and will organise a workshop for Members of Parliament to inform them and build their capacity in transparency and accountability practices.  

This work links into the long-term commitment of the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MoFP) to improve their transparency of budgeting, expenditure and financial processes.

Project staff: