Pro Bono

Education and children’s work in South Sudan

Charlie Goldsmith Associates has made donations to:

Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan Education & Training Department (2014 and 2015, $70k) towards construction of a three classroom school at Mingkaman, Awerial;
Yei Teacher Training College (2015, $5k), for operating costs supporting teacher trainees;
the Parochial Church Council, Gudele Parish, Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Sudan Diocese of Juba (2014, $16k) for the construction of a permanent church building;
Confident Children out of Conflict (2013, $20k), for operating costs for supporting vulnerable children with residential care, school fees, uniforms and much more;
Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan Diocese of Juba, for construction work for a four classroom block at Western Star School, Juba (2012, $20k).

From 2012 to 2015 we also provided pro bono support to ECSS&S and the Barnabas Fund as resident fund managers for their programme of school construction, through which ECSS&S is delivering high quality permanent school infrastructure construction at costs less than half (of the order of $70k per four classroom block) those delivered by the World Bank and UN, and these investments are delivering major increases in enrolment and retention. This included:

Balance of funding for construction of four classroom block at ECSS&S Western Star School, Juba (2012);
Construction of a four classroom block at ECSS&S Merkolong School, Juba (2013);
Construction of four classrooms, office, latrines, St Augustine’s School Naandi  (ECSS&S Diocese of Ezo), Western Equatoria State (2013-14);
Construction of four classrooms, office, latrines, St Stephen’s School, Bafuka (ECSS&S Diocese of Ezo), Western Equatoria State (2014-15)

Each school building project completed has delivered major increases in enrolment, particularly of girls.

Church Music, and music education, in South Sudan

Our colleague Joseph Timmons is seconded part-time to Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) and All Saints’ Cathedral Juba; he trains the girls of CCC who provide the choir for the English language sung Eucharist each Sunday in All Saints’ Cathedral, and supports CCC and All Saints’ music development programmes. Click to see photographs of the 2014 and 2015 Festival of Lessons and Carols. We have also committed $14k of operational funding to this work.

Since Autumn 2015, our six Charlie Goldsmith Associates Fellows have been working part-time on community and pro bono work, including three experienced singers singing regularly with the Cathedral Music Foundation, and going into schools to deliver music education.

About our pro bono partners

Yei Teacher Training College (YTTC) is South Sudan’s internationally recognised teacher training facility, accredited to the University of Juba and working in partnership with the University of Kyambogo, Uganda. Established in 2001, 2014 witnessed the graduation of 73 new teachers (44 male and 29 female).  Charlie is a member of the Board of Governors.

Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) is a South Sudanese organisation based in Juba that has supported the needs of vulnerable children since 2007 irrespective of their ethnic, religious or social background.
It has established a safe space where 40 girl survivors of gender-based violence and those at risk of sexual exploitation are provided a protective and caring environment where they can fulfil their potential. In addition to residential support, CCC provides over 600 of the most vulnerable boys and girls in Juba with educational opportunities in school and vocational training. Joe and others from CGA work with the girls and in schools.