Benjamin Koyongwa

Benjamin has a strong track record of working at a high level within the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, including as a State Minister, having worked for fourteen years in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. He started his career as Deputy Director of Budget and Revenue and, later, was promoted to Director of Treasury, a position he held until he was appointed as Hon. Minister of Finance and Public Service in Amadi State.

Now a PFM advisor, Benjamin previously worked for Charlie Goldsmith Associates as a consultant supporting the Girls’ Education South Sudan Project. In this role he coordinated the efforts of the company and the government to implement Mobile Money to enhance Cash Transfers, and operationalize payment of Capitation Grants (CGs) and Teacher Incentives to schools.

Benjamin is currently advising on the continuous improvement to the Global Partnership for Education funding for teacher training on the new South Sudan Curriculum. He sits with MoGEI regularly to ensure a smooth transfer of funds for implementation across the country and coordinates this with GPE.

Benjamin has an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School.