Our history

Charlie Goldsmith Associates Ltd was built on the experience of the same team at Booz & Company, who worked together in (then) Southern Sudan from 2006. In July 2011, we said goodbye to our friends at Booz, and became an independent company. Our first assignments included finishing what we had started together in South Sudan, and we doubled in size in our first three years. We now have fifty staff working on projects in up to eleven countries.

Our character

We try

  • To work hard and fast
  • To have an enabling approach to security
  • To put out a team of bright, often young, and always characterful generalists, and adventurous IT specialists
  • To work as an integrated team with our government counterparts
  • To write elegantly, or at least engagingly
  • To learn the language, get to know the culture, employ local and international colleagues on equal terms, and try to be decent corporate citizens
  • To reinvest a decent proportion of our earnings in charitable works in the places where we work, particularly in education infrastructure