Four colleagues

Charlie Goldsmith Associates Ltd works to reduce poverty and support human development in tough places.  We are seeking four new colleagues to grow our global team.

The systems we build, and the support we provide, helps information flow, to provide assurance, and enable cash to move accurately, and directly, to the lowest effective level. You can see some of our work at,, and and more here.

In the last seven years we have grown four-fold; there are more than sixty of us, the majority from the Global South and Diaspora.

We are now in the process of expanding an exciting Global Partnership with World University Service of Canada that aims to:

  • Scale-up better education, economic opportunities and youth empowerment
  • Strengthen locally owned and managed resilient systems in tough places
  • Combine expertise and networks in demonstrating results, in sharing new knowledge and innovative practice and in shaping evidence-based policies

We are currently busy in Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Somalia, Malawi, Lesotho and Kenya, with more anticipated in the coming year.  We have a  small number of senior UK- based staff in and around London and Glasgow with frequent travel.

If you think you could meet these challenges, and would like to be part of a friendly and empowered team that works hard and fast, please send a CV of four pages or fewer, and a well written two page cover letter, about why you want to do the job you are applying for, and summarising evidence of how you meet the specific requirements set out below, to, with the name of the role as the subject line of the email. The recruitment process will be ongoing until each position is filled, but we are especially keen to see CVs and Letters before 10/12/18.

We work only on the basis of performance and potential. We recruit against objective criteria. We comply with applicable UK and host country equalities legislation, including the UK Equality Act of 2010. Our staff are majority Global South and Diaspora, and we think that is the right and most effective way to work in international development. All applications will be treated equally. For a full recruitment and equalities statement, please see our Positive Business Ethics and Conduct Policy.

1. A senior colleague, to join a small team of Projects Directors

Our Country Coordinators and Team Leaders run our day to day operations. They are supported for each project by a Project Director. We are looking for a senior colleague to join Charlie, Jess, and Hannah in the Project Director’s role, who can:

  •  Think strategically and maximise development impact
  • Provide technical and practical leadership and oversight as appropriate
  • Operate confidently with senior host government, civil society and donor counterparts
  • Empower colleagues, ‘sacrificing control to achieve command’
  • Write and edit engagingly and well, producing long-form documents, presentations, excel etc to a standard that is reliably client ready, and making sure that others’ material is to that standard
  • Deliver the whole length of the programme cycle, from concept and bidding/selling/closing, through delivery and monitoring — which results in prompt and full payment by the client/donor
  • Contribute credibly to the wider development sector, including in some technical depth in one or more relevant areas – education, public financial management, cash, social protection etc
  •  Contribute to the management and ethos of the company

Base location could be a range of places in Africa, UK and Ireland, or Europe, but you will frequently need to travel for work in Africa, and sometimes beyond, and you need to be legally entitled to work from the base location.

You will need a track record in the development sector, which could have been gained in government (host or donor), NGOs, FBOs or CSOs, or the private sector, and which will almost certainly include having worked in tough places.

2. An Operations Manager:

Our current Operations Lead is about to take on a major programme role in South Sudan. We need an Operations Manager who can independently deliver the full range of operations tasks, including:

  • Leading on delivering and supporting a reliable, enabling and acceptance-based approach to operational safety and security for teams operating in tough places, and leading on coordination of operations in acute and crisis situations
  • Leading on delivering non-finance operations well and effectively, including flights, insurance and operational HR
  • Empowering country teams, through devolving tasks, and supporting their delivery
  • Working in a way that supports colleagues working in stressful and busy situations, often with limited connectivity
  • Contributing to the management and ethos of the company

Nairobi and/or Juba are the most obvious base locations. You will need a track record in the development sector and in tough places. We prefer our operational safety and security thoughtful, and based on understanding and relationships, rather than macho, and based on walls and wire.

3. A Finance Manager

Our long-serving back office manager has reduced her hours to take up a role supporting the Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (but there is no expectation that applicants will be on this trajectory): our scale has tripled since she started with us, and we now have less of her time!

We are therefore looking for a Finance Manager who is:

  • A qualified and experienced accountant, with an understanding of the development sector, and of SME life and operations, including the primacy of cashflow
  • Able to oversee finances including:
    • preparation of statutory accounts compliant with UK requirements
    • dealing with donors and clients, including receivables
    • annual budgeting processes (from preparation with country and project teams, monitoring, revisions and reporting)
    • transition of finance system from a basic SAGE instance to a system that can provide frequent scheduled and on-demand financial data to project directors and team leaders, and then supporting its use to improve management
    • cashflow and treasury management
    • oversight of a book-keeper
    • efficient management of audit services
    • supporting country-based staff to manage finances well and transparently
    • supporting project and donor reporting and compliance
  • Able and willing to work in a way that supports and mentors colleagues working in stressful and busy situations, often with limited connectivity
  • Committed to the ethos of the company and able and willing to contribute to management and ethos

Base location is flexible, but would ideally be somewhere where other CGA staff are based.  (e.g. Juba, Lilongwe, Nairobi, UK, in no particular order), and you need to be legally entitled to work from that location.

4. A Programme Development Coordinator

On principle, we prefer not to separate programme development from programme delivery: those who deliver, also develop, design, and bid. But the volume and complexity of client requirements, and the growth of what we are working on, especially in the context of our Global Partnership with WUSC, means that we need someone for a new mid-level role as our Programme Development Coordinator.

They will need to be able to:

  • Understand what funders and donors seek, but stay focused on development impact, not just the ‘business of development’
  • Triage opportunities for those that suit the company
  • “Answer the exam question” quickly and accurately, hitting the specific criteria clients want
  • Write engagingly and well, and do sensible costings
  • Politely but firmly herd internal and external cats to meet deadlines for major proposals
  • Stand up for the principles set out in “Positive business, a summary” in our our Positive Business Ethics and Conduct Policy and the wider ethos of the company
  • Show, maintain, and inspire, considerable positive energy

For most people, a role like this is for a season, rather than a forever role, and we are happy to discuss the possibility of eg “two years’ service and then transition over/back to programmes”.

Base location is flexible, but would ideally be somewhere where other CGA and WUSC colleagues are based, and where there is enough connectivity to practically do the job, and you need to be legally entitled to work in that place. There would be some advantages to base location being London/UK in terms of being able to represent us there.