Liz O’Neill

Liz rejoined us in 2015, as our Malawi Country Coordinator, based in Lilongwe. She holds a BSc in Economics with Spanish and an MSc in Poverty Reduction with Development Management. Liz specialises in health, education, and public financial management, and has worked across East and Southern Africa.

Liz first worked with us in 2013, designing the cash transfers component of the Girls’ Education South Sudan programme.   This followed over 2 years in South Sudan working on health systems strengthening, particularly public financial management and planning, at both national and sub-national levels of government. She occasionally returns to South Sudan to support our projects there, but now focusses the majority of her time on our work in Malawi.

Most recently, Liz worked on a Health Learning Assessment for USAID-South Sudan, an evaluation for a Malawi-based NGO working on community governance and health, and a supply-side and regulatory analysis of Malawi’s financial sector, with particular emphasis on expanding financial inclusion.   She is also developing pilot projects in Malawi focussed on local government PFM and the education sector.