Imke van der Honing

Imke is an expert in designing and implementing pragmatic, appropriate government systems, in particular for sub-national and local government. He has been our South Sudan Country Coordinator since 2012.

Imke has a key role in all our South Sudan operations, including our work on Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS), where he has led the national roll-out of the South Sudan Schools Attendance Monitoring System, and Health Pooled Fund South Sudan, for which he leads on Public Financial Management improvements, including the development of the benchmarks set by MoH-GRSS for its own improvement from 2013 onwards. Imke has worked for us since 2012.

Imke has worked in South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Ethiopia.

Prior to his work with us, Imke led the public sector development programmes of SNV Netherlands in South Sudan, and has worked with SNV in a variety of senior roles across Africa. He has lived and worked in South Sudan since 2007.

Imke has an MSc in Development Planning, and a BSc in Economics, both from Erasmus University in the Netherlands.