Projects by country: Somalia

Girls’ Education Challenge


CGA continues its role as monitor for Somalia projects for GEC-T, the extension of GEC, which focuses on ensuring students are supported during tough transitioning periods, such as primary to secondary, or secondary to tertiary education. CGA, working with AET, work to ensure the GEC-T projects are meeting their learning outcomes targets in over 400 schools across Somalia and Somaliland.

Girls’ Education Challenge


We are responsible for the country coordination and education monitoring of DFID's two Girls' Education Challenge (GEC) projects in Somalia. As part of this work we carry out quarterly monitoring visits to the projects, and are responsible for liaison between the projects, the Fund Manager, and DFID.

Education Payroll Manual, Puntland State Government


Working with the Recurrent Costs and Reform Financing (RCRF) project, we are working with the Puntland Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Ministry of Finance to develop a education payroll manual for the Puntland Government.

Support to Human Resources for Health Donor Working Group for Somalia


A DFID-commissioned review of key Somali donor and partner contributions to health worker incentives and top ups, describing implications of new salary scales (see "Review of pay and grading in the Somali health sector"), and making recommendations to the donor working group for human resources for health.

Review of pay and grading in the Somali Health Sector


We helped the Somali health sector define a package of systems improvements and a harmonised pay and grading scale to be used by all partners, and to be a target for government remuneration, working with Mannion Daniels, funded by UNICEF. A year later, most partners have either adopted or got close to the pay scale, and significant progress has been made on the systems improvements.