The harsh reality facing schools affected by conflict in South Sudan

May 25th 2016

For schools in parts of South Sudan the repercussions of the recent conflict are continuing to reverberate, making the prospect of a stable education even more remote for thousands of children. In Mayendit, a town in the north of the country which was devastated by violence in May 2015, schools are struggling to survive: many teachers have not received a salary for over a year, precipitating a severe shortage; several school buildings have been ransacked and destroyed, leaving children to learn in ‘classrooms’ which are exposed to the elements; and the collapsing economy means that basic school supplies are almost impossible to come by. When one of our team visited Bhor Primary School in April this year, she witnessed first-hand the privations many schools are having to contend with, and the reserves of resilience on which they need to draw simply to stay afloat. — read full post